Okay, this is CRAZINESS.
There was a woman in my chair recently;  we’ll call her ‘Betty’.
She is concerned that i am shallow, since i frequently talk about vanity (mine and others) –
I mean, come on, it’s my JOB. I love and encourage and embrace vanity. Without vanity, I might have become a meat packer or a lumber jack (well, not really likely, but you get the idea)

Well anyhow, ‘Betty’ has her hair coloured and cut regularly, undergoes laser hair removal, is tattooed, has permanent make-up, has had cosmetic surgery and has had her teeth whitened.

She insists that she is not vain.

Now I wasn’t born yesterday (although since taking the Orenda products i might look like it)
and I know vanity when i see it.  I see it EVERY DAY.
So i did what any beauty operator would do in that situation…
I said ….. “why don’t  we just do a “1/4 inch trim”.

That magic phrase has gotten me out of more tight situations than i can count.
Keep it in your back pocket, you never know when it will come in handy. Try it the next time you are pulled over for speeding (use this technique only if she is a female cop) – speaking of which, i was pulled over by an officer, ONCE.
I leapt from the car in shock, had i run over someone? was the belt of my coat trailing on the ground outside the car door? was the smiley face i had painted on the license plate in ‘jungle red’ nail polish a moving violation?. She eyed my smart ensemble and gave me the bullhorn to ‘get back in the car’,which of course i did. She asked for my license, i did the ol’ drop and search in the handbag, praying all along that i actually had it with me. Ah-Ha! Triumph!, i  gave it to her.
“uh……… this is a cosmetology licence” she said.

“Oh, right, sorry. Would you like a 1/4″ trim?” i enthusiastically asked. She was stymied.
and just like that, all was right in my world again, and off i went to embrace vanity.

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done?
If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project.
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