When I was a child my cousin and I used to go down to my grandmother’s basement and cut up her wigs while pretending we were Gene Rayburn.  She had a beauty shop down there, it didn’t have a name, but everybody in the neighborhood came to that shop. It was comforting to be there with the sound of the dryers blasting away and the neighborhood news being shared.

Eleven years later I was working with Phillip Mason hairdressers, in a beautiful Victorian in San Francisco — the only woman amongst all men, Sassoon trained.  It was a prestigious salon, distinctly classy in an understated way. We were on the cutting edge. Big shots went there, they liked the unpretentious atmosphere, jazz music, wine, fresh coffee in beautiful mugs, and the crackling fire.

Then came my years in Provence, which was not the name but the feeling of the salon in New York City.  Live doves, a pianist at the baby grand, Wedgewood china, attention to detail — Life returned to an earlier, more elegant era.

Five years later I opened “Simone”, a large upscale full-service salon in downtown Mill Valley. It was expertly staffed and it flourished.  It also left me pining for a quieter life.

New York, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Sebastopol . . . I feel outrageously blessed to be performing my craft in my exclusive studio.  The atmosphere is sunlit, intimate and soothing.

I am a colourist by training and have a gift for cutting all types, but my specialty is helping you find a new look.

I hope to be working together soon.

Wendy Simone