In my first post, i shared the story of the women who’s lives are so full  that they have their hair cut and coloured and leave the salon with colour on.


since then  there has been a run (pun intended) on this service. Every day i get calls from busy women begging to, well ……..”goo and go”. Credit actually goes to my long time client Kelsey who came up with this time efficient idea. This motivated and inventive southerner wanted it all and time was short. I admit i thought she was a bit wacky at the time, but soon i saw the brilliance in her ways.

Why not drive home, and by the time you arrive, your colour is finished.

Heck, pick up the kids along  the way!
This says ‘verve, hutzpah, confidence, moxie’, and in no uncertain terms ‘I am woman, get the heck of my way’.
So, the phone is ringing, the cars are parking, and chemically addicted women are running willy nilly to their vehicles with full heads of colour  or foils.

some even bring their pals (there is safety in numbers).
The  fashionistas wear sunglasses,earrings and lip stick to match of course.

They pick up the kids, drop the mail in the box, deliver the overdue library books, make some calls, prepare the evening meal, set the table, water the plants, hop in the shower, dress and damn!, but don’t they look fabulous?
how does that superwoman do it all?

(only her hairdresser knows for sure 🙂

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done?

If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project.
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