Do you ever go places and someone’s hair just stops you in your tracks?

Like maybe you don’t even know if it’s real?

Well, it probably is, people can do some very creative things, some of the works of art that get my attention are what I call monuments. These are worn by the mavericks, the true trend setters, I guess.

There was a woman I saw in the market with a thing on her head that puzzled me to the extent I found myself reaching out to touch it to see if it was alive.
It was larger than a foot ball helmet and sort of ratted in a way that lead me to think that it might be scraps of other people’s (animals?) hair just tossed into a heap and sprayed into a hornets nest, regardless of what it was made of, I wondered just how she could hold the entire mass upright, it was truly humongous. Remarkable, righteous, rad, really gnarley etc. A + for effort.

I saw a smartly dressed older gentleman yesterday with a rakish DO. Long hair on top of his head standing almost upright in sort of a qewpie doll swirl.
Honestly, He looked crazy.
My friend actually pointed him out. We began to make up a story about how he must have been in a hurry and arrived at the event in his sports car and the wind had rustled him up (like, A LOT) it was a good fantasy, so good, we looked at him differently after that.
Was that look intentional? Or did a tree branch grab his hairs on the way into the building?

Its amazing how something so simple can make someone look absolutely nutty. Sort of like lipstick on the teeth, or toilet paper hanging out of your pants. You carry on as if everything is Aokay, unaware that something is seriously awry.

Awhile back, I drove home on the freeway in rush hour, the cars were inching their way to their destinations. A couple men in the lane next to me were totally checking me out, this went on for a ¼ mile or so, I wasn’t sure if I was just lookin’ super caliente or if I had a smear of catsup on my face.
I decided to casually glance in the mirror I keep in my bag, and to my absolute horror I realized
I HAD PERM RODS IN MY HAIR. I had completely forgotten.

This is a pretty tough look to pull off even in the salon, yes I was used to it, seemed normal actually. But in a traffic jam was a whole nuther thing.
I assumed I would zip home in time to be fully air neutralized and I would hop in the shower and I emerge totally foxy, engulfed by a head of sexy bouncing curls.
Best laid plans and all that. So I did what any self respecting gal would do when caught on the freeway in perm rods.
I rolled down my window and said “hey sugar, I’m single, want my number?”
Note to self:
Never drive from one County to the next with perm rods in hair during rush hour

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done?
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