I awoke this morning rather concerned about all the people born on February 29. We all know that February really has only 28 days, but every now and then, some joker adds an extra day just to keep us on our toes.

I know this is not actually about hair, but it is the sort of thing that will come up once i get to the salon, I assure you. Someone will need to talk about this very topic; aging or anti-aging and the un-fairness of life. Someone will announce that they’ve been in therapy for the last 4 years while waiting for Leap Year to return to acknowledge that they indeed were born. Or weirder yet, someone will want to book an appointment for a special event falling on February 29 /2011 and i’ll have to explain that there will not be a 29th of Feb, next year and the battle of the paper calendar Vs the electronic device will begin. Pages will flip and pointers will point or fingers will swipe.

In my opinion, the Leap-er children have been cheated. Imagine, looking like an Octogenarian and having only 4 proper Birthdays!

I think that these are the people who really should be ingesting the Anti-Aging products I carry, They probably have terrific wrinkles, are probably using walkers and their State Identification says they’re just 24.

Who came up with that calendar anyhow? An angry parent?  Captain Kirk? The Nuns?. I know, I know, it’s something about the earth orbiting the sun. Well, with everything speeding up due to technology, you’d think one of those uber aging leap yearian children would come up with a way to get the earth to pick up the pace just a bit, so they could get loved, worshiped and showered with gifts at least once a year like the rest of us. Is there a support group for children born on leap year, or children of adults born on leap year, or friends of children born on leap year? If there is i should have that in my Rolodex.

If you are planning a family, get out your palm pilot, out-look program, I-Cal, mayan calendar, Where’s Waldo Book,  or whatever you use and do the math first. Nine months, plus or minus.
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