Put your seatbelt on. I have a lot to say.

How crazy has life become?
We are becoming more and more removed from human contact and hand-shake agreements.
Life seems to be about electronics and SPEED now. Remember the old days when you just took a pill to move faster ?

Remember when hi-tech was carrying your gigantic boom box on your shoulder ?
Now there is no longer mail but Email, snail mail, voice mail, answering machines, black berrys,  cell phones, skype, I.Ms. and it’s just about impossible to reach anyone!

Here lies, the simple beauty of having one’s hair done.
A smile, a touch, a nice cup of tea, forced relaxation, a temporary respite,  your guard is down and nobody cares if you glance at trashy magazines, heck sometimes there’s just good old fashioned eaves-dropping to be had.

Then of course, there’s the bonding that takes place. Let’s face it, it’s a vulnerable position.; You are vain, but you don’t want to actually admit it.  You are hopeful, yet white knuckling the arm rests. You are in the hands of a person who can make or break your date-abliity, (aka your sex life)  – words sneak out of the mouth, it feels good, it’s a cleansing…… it’s a healing. Tears are shed, laughs are had, you look in the mirror and you are BEAUTIFUL. Suddenly, there is hope again, all will be right with the world, your best foot will be put forward and you can tackle that hydra that waits for you ‘out there’.

It’s a lovely thing to do for a living; to connect with others, and put smiles (hopefully) on their faces. Sometimes I can’t believe I am paid to make people happy, because the feeling is mutual.

And then ……. there are people like this:

Goo and Go

In and out, get it done, stick and move, cross it off the list.

Can you believe this?  These too, are my people, they’re in a rush, they want it all, they’re busy, they’re hooked up to all the mechanical contraptions, they are beeping, pinging and ringing, they’re driving while on conference calls (at least they are not smoking anymore).

God love the busy folks. We get it done.

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