Dear fellow Hair Professional:

I’ve had an idea that’s been marinating for more than 15 years,

it’s time to bring it to fruition, and I would like your help.

I am putting together a book, compiled of letters, cards, pictures and/or stories from those who “stand behind the chair’.

Whether you call yourself a hairstylist , hairdresser, hair designer, beauty professional, beauty operator, beautician, hair cutter, tinter-permer, chemical specialist, or a crimper, and whether you are currently behind the chair or were 65 years ago;

we’ve all had experiences that have elated, exasperated, inspired or baffled us.

I have worked in many salons over the past 30 years, and often “in competition” with Salons in the same area (which made little sense, since we are all on the same side of the chair) I know emotions run high in our industry. I’ve personally witnessed countless salon dramas, been moved to tears by the secrets I’ve heard, received not only love letters, but hate mail as well. I’ve alternately thought about burning my clothes after a ‘bad hair day’ and have felt a deep sense of gratitude for the many gifts this career has given me.


primarily to each other, but also to the public.

My fantasy is to hear not only North American’s, but other countries as well.

I would love nothing more than to shed some light on the fact, that at the end of the day we all have more in common than we realize.

Warm Regards,

Wendy Simone